Dear Baby Spinach:

18 Feb

I was wrong. I am sorry for having claimed to dislike you for all these years. Even after ingesting you in the beef miso soup from Ravi Soups and deeming you “not that bad actually” I was wary of your presence in my sandwich yesterday at Panera Bread. There you were, sticking out, all bright and green. And entire layer at the bottom of my grilled panini consisting of steak, cheese, tomatoes and roasted red peppers. I, slightly, hesitantly bit in… not that bad.

Panera Bread was pretty good. Nice atmosphere, lots (and I mean lots) of people on both floors, most people with some sort of wireless device (tablet, phone, laptop) enjoying the free wi-fi. The panini itself, was delicious. I was wary of it being 1.) too expensive and 2.) too much bread. It was a rather expensive sandwich (coming in at a whopping $11!) but when the plate arrived I soon understood why the high price tag. It was enormous. And delicious. The ratio of bread to all other ingredients was even. The bread was also good in and of itself, but bread is a difficult thing to get wrong. Except for the baguette that came with my sister`s sandwich (why is that even offered?), it was chewy and weird. Her sandwich was not as good, there was actually too much chicken in it. the bacon was a nice touch though, so not all bad.

Would I go back? Of course, they have a chocolate chip bagel I have my eye on.


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