The Easter Egg

15 Apr

A week ago I decided it would be funny to hide 3 small chocolate foil-covered Easter eggs in my sister’s stuff while she was showering. My other sister was an accomplice to this, she giggled and said it would be fun. We put one in her pencil case, one in her bed (right on the edge of the pillow) and one in her net-book.

The next day she informed me that she indeed found the chocolate egg in her bed. AFTER she had slept on it, rolled over it, and smooshed it all over her sheets. I was dying laughing. There was chocolate smeared everywhere, the egg was flattened. She had thought Mruczka had puked in her bed.

The second one she almost crushed when she tried to close her net-book shut, she was confused as to why it would not close. Alas, Lucy gave away the third one in her pencil case. She took away my giggles, because I knew that egg would not be found for years (Camilla is graduating, no more use for a pencil case).

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Posted by on April 15, 2012 in Adventures of Pinka!


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