Dear Chicago:

02 May

This was supposed to be an angry letter to you. I was under the impression that the 26-foot tall Marilyn Monroe statue was being taken down due to the controversy and everyone being up in arms about it. The Chicago Tribune cleared this up for me: it is a traveling exhibit. It is being taken down to move to the next city, will that ever be Toronto? Dear God I hope so. I was really looking forward to taking a tacky picture with the statue and taking pictures of people gawking at it. Alas, my heart has been broken. My dreams have been crushed.

I am sorry for being mad at you Chicago, it is not your fault. Or is it? As far as I can tell, it was not meant to be moved around. Hmm.. in looking deeper into the matter, there was an American Gothic statue near the Chicago Tribune building. Having been there before, I can tell you: I did not see that. Might have been put up later. New plan: going to find that sculpture, it is by the same artist, who is now one of my new all-time favourites (J. Seward Johnson Jr).

All I want it so see a giant-sized sculpture representation of people/famous things. ACK. It seems my love affair of sculptures/giantness/tackiness and some combination of any or all of those is going to take me back to New Jersey to the Grounds For Sculpture because this place sounds absolutely amazing. Take a bunch of acres of land, plant some nice gardens and just plop down tonnes of sculptures everywhere! My love affair is also eventually taking me to Minneapolis, as I have stated many times before: I want to see that giant cherry-on-a-spoon sculpture!

Why the love affair? Why not, it’s giant things you can look at outdoors in the fresh air. Toronto was once awesome in this respect. There was one magical summer when throughout the city there were colourfully tacky fibre glass moose sprinkled throughout. There were 326, hard to find them all, but occasionally you would be walking down the street and *blam* there was a moose. Now there are only a few left here and there, mostly in front of shops or on stores roofs (it is an ugly moose, it is yellow and says DeWalt on it, lame).

Hmm.. I kind of veered away from writing about how mad I was at Chicago/about Forever Marilyn being taken down.

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