13 May

It was just gorgeous outside yesterday and given that we have eaten at all the best-of places near Brent’s house, we ventured a little further out than usual. As in not in Parkdale! We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head out to Khao San Road for the best thai food in the city. As we got closer, a small feeling of dread washed over us. We had feared that the place would be full, as the internet had warned us. Instead we found a giant construction site. Had the restaurant been bashed down or moved?! All was not lost, we had a back-up plan in case the place was packed: go to Sadie’s for brunch and then next door for best Latin American cafe. Thankfully the restaurant was next door to the construction. And not packed. We were quickly seated.

We ordered what was recommended in the write-up. We ordered the squash fritters to start. Neither of us was right in terms of what to expect. Brent said it would be like a patty, I of course imagined a donut a-la Tim Horton’s apple fritter. It was closer to french fries or calamari, little breaded & deep-fried things you could dunk in sauce. The squash fritters were outstanding! It was unbelievable how good they were, especially considering I was of the mind that I was not too fond of squash. For the mains Brent ordered the pad thai and I had the khao soi, both spicy of course. Honestly, the dishes were nowhere near the caliber of the squash fritters. It was delicious food and just the right amount of spicy but there was just too much food. Neither of us ended up finishing our dishes. After a while the coconut milk started getting to me. And it was a mildly frustrating dish to eat, splashing myself in the face with the curry sauce with every spoonful.

For dessert we went to Jimmy’s Coffee for the best americano in the city. What is an americano? It is watered down espresso is what it is. For a cup of watered down espresso it was still pretty damn good. It retained the nutty flavour of the espresso without any hint of bitterness. The place is very nondescript, it looks like a regular house, I really thought we were about to have a horribly embarrassing moment.


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