Airport Antics

15 May

I hate airports. They are big and confusing and needlessly complicated. Yesterday I went to pick up my mom from the airport. Being lost in a great book, I almost missed my stop. I stood up to get off the bus, until the bus driver announced that it was Terminal 1, so I sat back down. I got off the bus at Terminal 3 and rushed to Arrivals, except her flight was not listed on the board. So I asked about it and was informed that in fact her flight was landing at Terminal 1. Dammit.


Off I went in search of some elevators that would take me to the train to Terminal 1. She told me to take the elevator when I could have easily taken the escalator. It would have been faster and much less crammed. For the train there are 2 platforms where you can board. I almost got on a train going to the parking garages but thankfully I caught my mistake and made my way on an empty train to Terminal 1. I got to see a bunch of parking structures and planes. The train route seemed needlessly long and not like the most direct route.


I got to Terminal 3 and yet again, no flight on the arrivals board. I was getting worried, had I messed something up? I rushed to the info desk and she pointed at the board and then it showed up there, I looked like an idiot. I had rushed only to find out that my mom’s flight was late. ACK.


There just so happened to be a cafe there. They just so happened to be a Birds & Beans outpost! Or a place that just took their logo and sells their coffee. I think it might be option #2 because this cafe serves coffee in Styrofoam cups. If you’ve ever been to Birds & Beans you will know that they are enviro-friendly. The lids for their cups are even made of a biodegradable corn oil.

(Look how tall they are! Guy in front and in back right)

Eventually my mom’s flight landed. There was a Polish team of some sorts on the flight as well. I am guessing they were a basketball team given that most of them were over 6 feet tall. And also EuroCup is starting soon, so why would they be leaving Poland? Maybe Poland inexplicably sent over their basketball team here?

Thank God there is at least a Tim Hortons there.

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