Oh Mon Dieu!

17 May

I had a revelation yesterday. It turns out I have been eating sub-par chicken my whole life! My eyes were open to this yesterday at dinner. We ate at Ici Bistro last night, voted best french restaurant in the city. I had the chicken supreme and Brent had the braised beef. We narrowed it down to those two, but there were quite a few other things on the menu that stood out. Good thing we had the chicken. It was otherworldly. It was so soft and succulent and juicy. I have never had chicken this delicious. The braised beef was also delicious, it was so soft it fell apart, or as Brent said repeatedly “it melts in your mouth” which it doesn’t really, it just falls apart in tiny meaty tender juicy pieces.

The braised beef came with a side of bone marrow croquettes. I have had croquettes before and did not like them. And bone marrow did not sound like the most appetizing thing in the world either. I cautiously bit into it… and holy crap. It has to have been one of the best things I have ever eaten! It was meaty and greasy and yet light and soft and it just fell apart. Another surprise was the goat cheese and shallot little pie thingy that we were served as an amuse-bouche before the meal. Shallots? Goat cheese? Mixed together in a puff pastry? Somehow it was delicious. And funny because Brent yelped that it was hot.

Being at a french bistro, ordering fancy food, we could not pass up the chance to have fancy wine to go with it. Hardly a wine connoiseur, even after we had gone to Enotecca Sociale, I played it safe and ordered the wine paired with my chicken. But which wine?! For there were two to choose from: a Canadian one and a French one. Duh I went for the French wine. Did it compliment my chicken? Sure, it did, why not.

Going to a french restaurant and not ordering dessert is a crime. Especially if there is creme brulee on the menu. Even moreso if it is a creme brulee TRIO! AS IN THREE!!! I thought we were just going to get three small creme brulees.Yes, they were small, but they were all different flavours! There was regular, “frambois” (as she called it, as in raspberry) and Grand Marnier. Frambois was the knock-out, barely, they were all amazing. We got to see the chef whip out his blow-torch so we knew it was going to be good. The tops were actually still warm! Hands-down the best creme brulee I have ever had and more than likely will ever have. Does that mean I should never ever order creme brulee ever again unless I am definitively sure that it will be as good? Nah, creme brulee is just too damn good.


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