26 May

So how was my first week of actual summer (Victoria Day= official kick-off to summer)? Well there were the good times and the not-so-good times, where do I begin?

First the good:

  • Finally got around to going running, even in my post-hibernation state I manage to run past more than a few people
  • I rocked the bikini on the deck… while tanning! Double good!
  • Tim Hortons has brought back the raspberry flavour shot!
  • Thanks to the super hot weather I have an awesome tan from wearing barely any clothes
  • Survived. No, enjoyed, canoeing.
  • Read Mary Roach’s book Stiff in half a day

And now the bad:

  • Running resulted in not being able to walk for two days and a gnarly blister on my foot
  • I got some horrid sunburns in places I missed while tanning.
  • Nearly fainted & almost fell into the lake due to too much time in the sun on the deck
  • Tim Horton’s bringing back the raspberry flavour shot (bad for my wallet)
  • Thanks to the hot weather, I broke in my new summer sandals which broke my feet. So badly. My left foot is mangled.
  • And then my back-up alternate sandal broke. I am down to one pair of sandals. Not good.
  • I spend more time reading then in the real world
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