Pierogi i Kawa

27 May

Continuing the Doors Open fun I headed to Roncesvalles today to check out some buildings that my mom wanted to see. How could I resist a chance to continue my search for good perogies in Toronto? I could not, hence I found myself sitting in Cafe Polonez awaiting a plate of minced pork perogies. I was starving so I munched on bread at the table. It was not enough. I devoured the plate, barely stopping to take it all in. So far, these are the best traditional perogies (outside of homemade) that I have had. They came with a side of fried pork (in place of bacon) to put on top. Delicious. I had to poke one apart to look at the filling to make sure they were not those store-bought ones I was served at Chopin. They were not. They did lack the imperfections of being hand-made but there are machines you can use to speed up the process of sticking the edges together, and this being a restaurant I assume that is what the did.

After dinner we walked up Roncesvalles and passed by Alternative Grounds, having heard good things about the coffee, being weak-willed, I went in. It was worth the $1 I paid. It is up there among the best coffees I have had and the cheapest, which is a rare combination. The coffee was from Nicaragua, it was very smooth and mild and all around a good well-balanced cup of coffee.


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