Attempted Brunch

04 Jun

Yesterday we were headed to a Blue Jays game. It was decided that we would eat something beforehand. Because I showed up relatively early we thought we would head on over to Auntie’s & Uncle’s and attempt to eat brunch there. On a Sunday. At 11am. At one of the most popular brunch spots in Toronto, voted best brunch in the city. It was not happening, we got there and there was a line almost a block long! Our other back-up plan had also failed, we wanted to go to St. Lawrence Market for best peameal bacon sandwich, alas St. Lawrence is closed on Sundays.

We had a back-up plan, anticipating the line-up: Sadie’s Juice Bar & Diner, voted best something. (I am really at a loss right now as what, something breakfast/brunch). The place should really be called Slowdie’s, because it was sloooow. Maybe that is OK, if you are one of those people who sit around for hours slowly eating and talking etc… but when you are on your way to get a free bobble head before the Jays game, you want your food ASAP. To put it in perspective: it was about 15 minutes before our orders were even taken.

You cannot go to a juice bar and not order juice, it just doesn’t work like that. I had the fresh squeezed lemonade (sweetened with maple syrup!) and Brent had the grapefruit, orange, lemon juice. Mine was clearly the winner, I won yet again! To go with the juice I had the buckwheat pancakes with chocolate chips. I was kind of expecting the chocolate chips to be inside the pancakes themselves, but was surprised to find in the middle chocolate chips had been piled up between the pancakes! A nice surprise. The pancakes were a bit thinner than the giant thick ones you would normally expect. You know, the kind that you have to drench in maple syrup before they are even halfway soaked with it? Yep, these pancakes were thinner and much more absorbent of the maple syrup I doused them with. And the veggie sausage that came on the side, it tasted like fast-food chicken (i.e.: somewhat reminiscent of chicken, but not the real thing).

As soon as our food came Brent asked for the bill, when she returned with it he handed her the money and asked for the change back. As soon as we finished eating we were out the door, it must’ve looked like we were dining and dashing. We were not, we were countering for slowness. We got out of there before the two who had started eating when we were seated.

For dessert we went next door to the best Latin American cafe & bakery: La Merceria, which just happened to be right next door. Being the coffee addict that I am, I could not pass up having a cafe manchado (espresso with a drop of condensed milk). I made the stupid mistake of adding sugar, forgetting that it was most likely sweetened condensed milk. It was so sweet it kind of burned my throat. But still a really good drink. A delicous way to get a quick hit of espresso without the (occasional) bitterness. Brent had thealfajor, which according to the internet is a cookie. But in the cafe there was also a sign saying it was an espresso with a dollop of ice cream. Which is what he got, it was at least cooled down for him. There were some cookies in a jar that I had suspected initially were the alfajors. And now looking at the BlogTO site for it, yep those were in fact what we had wanted. Also: because we had our espressos to go, we missed out on the complimentary cookie on the side. This is one we have to revisit.

(The ice cream melted really quickly)


NOTE: Sadie’s was voted best diner.


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