Unexpected To Say The Least

14 Jun

I decided to splurge on lunch yesterday, which is to say, I actually bought lunch. Well, that depends on what counts as lunch. On my way to the interview I spotted one of the semi-new food trucks on the Toronto scene, Gourmet B*tches and that immediately caught my attention. It was all I could think about. Lunch from a mini-food truck event in a parking lot!

Alas when I got there I was more than slightly disappointed. There were only four food trucks. Gourmet B*tches didn’t have a menu out, I had already eaten from Buster’s Sea Cove and did not feel like Greek food from Blue Donkey Streatery… so of course I walked over to Sweetness, to their pastel pink truck and pa-roused the menu board. A girl’s gotta eat! It was not a difficult decision as to which cupcake to have. There was only one that stood out, one that I (as far as I know) I could not get anywhere else. Cotton candy. I know, I know. It sounds utterly disgusting (not so much if you have previously eaten the maple bacon cupcake from For The Love of Cake). She asked me if I wanted it to go or if I was just going to eat the whole thing right there. I actually had to stop and think about it and thought it best to have it to go. It was either going to be really good or really bad, no way would it fall in the middle. I had to make Brent eat some.

I tried to bite into it (the icing was as big as the cupcake itself) as I was walking down Queen Street, I imagine I looked quite ridiculous. It was unbelievably amazing. I had to use all my willpower to not just devour the entire thing. So I settled for eating half. And then scooping some of the more than generous helping of icing off the top. You know, just to make sure it really was good. It tasted like ice cream. The cupcake part itself also tasted like cotton candy. Bottom to top, this was an amazing cupcake. And if the food truck didn’t say it was from Burlington on the side, I would happily say that this was the best cupcake in the city. It is the best cupcake in Burlington instead.

And having been alone for lunch, there was no one to tell me I had a tiny icing mustache atop my lip. I didn’t know until I was in the change room at Victoria’s Secret.

For dinner I opted for healthier fare and not eating alone. Brent and I went to One Love for some vegan food (totally makes up for eating a cupcake for lunch). I had the corn soup which for some reason they served to me in two coffee cups to go? Not sure why. At first I was not looking forward to eating that much soup. Thankfully half of it was veggies! So really, I ended up throwing away a cup of soggy soup-soaked vegetables. Brent had the roti, and of all the rotis I have nibbled on so far, this one by far had the best bread part to it. Combine it with the curry stuffing from Gandhi roti and that would be an amazing roti. We also had the mango juice smoothie on the side. It was good, nice and sweet, alas it had to contend with the lemonade flavoured with maple syrup I had at Sadie’s. Nothing will ever be as good.

Sad cup of sad soggy veggies. The soup was good, but I still refuse to eat the veggies in a soup.



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