2012 Roadtrip 1, Day 3

08 Jul

Sun. June 24, 2012- Vermont to New Hampshire:

The breakfast spread at the Super 8 was rather healthy, with Eggo waffles and proper yogurts and what better way to enjoy said healthy breakfast than by watching Spongebob Squarepants while eating? Our next destination was New Hampshire and again there was no sign welcoming us, I only figured it out because there was a sign about the New Hampshire seat belt law. I quickly forgave New Hampshire for being so rude and not welcoming us because there are no sales taxes in New Hampshire!! The shopping was amazing and so cheap. There was also finally a Target, so we got an auxiliary cable for the iPod! Good music finally! We had some time to kill before the baseball game so we walked around the mall in air-conditioned bliss. The baseball game was in an open stadium, so we got roasted real well by the sun as we watched the NH Fisher Cats play. It was worth it though because we got free bobble moustache statues of one of the players. Again my hotdog was wrapped in Wonderbread, I don’t know if this is a north-eastern States thing like Christmas themed-stuff is a small town thing? As if a hotdog was not enough, I also insisted on trying fried dough. It tasted kind of like a pancake; it was not what I had expected. I thought it was going to be deep-fried balls of dough. It did keep me entertained however and it was a fun mess to eat, powdered sugar everywhere.

We left the game early so we could make it to the Manor on Golden Pond in time for afternoon tea, only tea was running a little late, but we still beat the traffic rush getting out of the parking lot. Here again we got a free room upgrade. It was a very nice and cozy room with a deck and a log-burning fireplace. Afternoon tea was not as fancy as it sounds; it was just different teas, some small sandwiches and little sticky buns. We wandered around the grounds and played croquet, wherein I found out I am really bad at croquet. Then I chased a baby red squirrel, trying to photograph it. There were supposed to be horseshoes somewhere but we could not find them, so we went back to the room. I sat on the deck drinking coffee and looking at Squam Lake and the White Mountains, while Brent stayed in and watched the EuroCup match (England vs. Italy). Every few minute he would run outside give me a quick update in terms of a smiley face or a frowny face and run back in. Occasionally the peace and serenity of sitting outside would be interrupted by Brent yelling at the game. It was also decided that it would be a better idea to work-out before dinner rather than after.

(run squirrel run)

Before dinner we went to the Three Cocks Tavern (also in the hotel) for drinks. It was weird because we had to get all dressed up and there was no one else in there. From there we were escorted to the Main Dining Room for our dinner reservations, again weird because there was no one else there, except for the giant (bigger than my thumb) bumblebee outside the window. I had the duck, Brent had the steak. The duck won hands-down. It was the best duck I had ever had, so juicy and succulent and simply outstanding. The only downside to the meal was that it came with a (giant) salad. I got about halfway through it and I gave up. No amount of washing it down with water helped, it was gross. I am not a rabbit. We split a dessert of warm chocolate cake on top of cherry goo with a milk chocolate mousse on top. We made the right call splitting it, even still it was too much food.There had also been the amuse-bouche of a single scallop in sauce of some sorts and the after-dinner mini-dessert that was chocolate squares.

(the dreaded salad!)



When we returned to the room our shades were drawn and there were cookies on the bed along with a note saying Sweet Dreams. The cookie fairy had visited and left us heavenly maple walnut cookies. I could barely sleep that night; I was so excited by the prospects of breakfast! So far Manor on Golden Pond had an amazing run food-wise. Or maybe it was all the sugar that kept me up.

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