2012 Roadtrip 1, Day 11

14 Jul

Mon. July 2, 2012- Kingston, ON to home:

There was breakfast included with our stay; it was a buffet that outsiders could pay $12 to indulge. Indulge is not the right word. It was a very crappy buffet, I was stuck eating a peanut butter & jam toast. Imagine paying $12 for that?! There weren’t any pancakes, not even some Eggos you could throw in the toaster. There was also some awful diet yogurt. It was gross. I was ready to go home.

Along the way we had to stop at a highway plaza for some gas and right as we pulled into the station, Brent was getting out of the car and he pushed the car alarm, I was laughing so hard as he tried to turn it off and people stared (I am guessing, was laughing too hard to notice). Continuing his funny streak, he tried to make a joke that would be ended by a line in the song, he was waiting for the “ain’t seen nothing yet” chorus and it was not happening, so he tried again and again until he realized it was the wrong song.

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