2012 Roadtrip 2, Day 1

31 Jul

Thurs. July 19, 2012- London, ON:

Seeing as we left for London in the afternoon, it was inevitable that we were going to get stuck in traffic, trying to leave Toronto. Regardless, it sucked. Not helping matters was the fact that I was stuck wearing long sweat pants because my legs were covered in hives thanks to my sister’s pet rats running around them while we sat outside. It was really hot in the rental car and I could not get the air conditioner to function as it should, it was just blowing lukewarm air at us, even though I had it set to the maximum cold setting. The best I could get out of the manual was that it would not function if the temperature outside was below freezing, which it was not even close to.

We eventually got to Mike’s house, wherein we ordered a pizza. Apparently I was late in requesting my last topping of ham, so my pizza came with a plastic container of diced ham on the side. As we ate we stood around the kitchen debating the mysterious Dairy Queen pizza. When Mike mentioned it to me in a previous conversation, I thought he was joking about getting really bad pizza. Only after we ordered good pizza, the discussion turned to which DQ pizza to get, which confused me as I thought we had decided against it. They all stared at me; it was a dessert pizza they were contemplating. How was I to know? It sounded fake to me! Brent drove us to DQ where each of us chose a different flavoured pizza. It seemed we had a three way tie, so we played rock paper scissors for it… and ended up in a three way tie. We called Eric to break the tie, no luck. So we used the random number generator on my iPod and by alphabetical order Brent won. The number was 3, and the choices were: peanut butter fudge (Mike), Skor (me) and Smarties (Brent). There was no time to argue for we were next in line, Smarties TreatzzaPizza it was. It tasted better than I had expected, so much so that I ended up eating a second slice. We spent the rest of the time watched Weeds and Breaking Bad. Eventually it was just me and Mike, Eric had gone upstairs, Brent was asleep on the couch- we whipped out Cruis’n USA. I ended up winning in the end and my car sat atop the White House, spinning on a platform. It was fun to play it because I had been to most of the places featured in the game, or I was going to them soon enough. And then it dawned on me why my American geography is so flawed- the only time I really look at an American map is when I see the route map in Cruis’n USA.

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