2012 Roadtrip 2, Day 11

19 Aug

Sun. July 29, 2012- Michigan to home:

Watching the Olympics while packing is mildly distracting, you forget what you are doing and find yourself enthralled by it. Or you have your back turned and miss something really cool while stuffing things in your backpack. The stupid Radisson hotel did not have any milk or creamer, not even any of that fake disgusting whitening powder for the complimentary coffee in the lobby. It made me mildly grumpy. I was also hungry, which was not helping. The GPS decided to take us down a one-way road that was half torn up due to construction. It then decided to take us to a phantom Dunkin’ Donuts that did not exist. Things were not looking good. Thankfully there was an exit for a Tim Hortons off the highway, and on the way to it we instead passed another coffee shop, Bigby Coffee and went there instead. It is a great place, one of my new American favourites: they have about 5-6 different brews of coffee available including a weird cherry-flavoured one.  Cherry without chocolate just does not go well with coffee. Eating a chocolate chip muffin and lemon pound cake in the car resulted in my being covered, as in all over, with crumbs. There was a family of three deer grazing by the side of the highway. The license plate game continued, adding on three more: South Dakota, Maryland and Rhode Island. It was also decided that for the next trip we are going to print out a map so I can keep btter track. And get more than 38 states and 5 provinces.

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