20 Aug

Between roadtrips and trips to the cottage, not a whole lot of fooding has been done this summer. Over the weekend however we had a car, which of course meant… we could go fooding anywhere. Alas, it was a Saturday afternoon and the places we had in mind, en route to Kitchener for Josh’s birthday, were all supposedly packed on weekends. We went with the safe bet, that was first along the way, and if that failed we would subsequently try the other two.

First we tried Anatolia, voted best hummus. We were the only people in the restaurant, so that worked out nicely. We ordered a mixed plate that had chicken shish-kebobs, ground beef patties and meat inside of a pita all on top of a bed of rice. You cannot just go in and order hummus, it would be too weird. The hummus was amazing, it came with a basket of bread to scoop it up with. The mixed plate was also really delicious and the meat well seasoned. I did not care for the mint yogurt sauce on the side however. The rice soaked up the flavours of the meat as well. I enjoyed a Turkish coffee between the hummus and the mixed plate, it was delicious, until I got a bit of coffee grounds in my mouth at the end.

Making good use of the weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon on the boardwalk patio at Sunnyside Cafe, looking out over the boardwalk at the lake while munching on some delicious coconut shrimp.


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