2012 Roadtrip 3: Day 8

15 Sep

Fri. Aug 31, 2012- DC- MD:

We started our day the best way possible, by walking to Georgetown for cupcakes! I had been watching a cupcake show on TLC and now wanted to visit the establishment (Georgetown Cupcakes) featured therein. Watching the show made me really crave their cupcakes. We ordered a lemon cupcake and a peanut buttery chip chocolate cupcake. They were unbelievably soft and creamy, an attribute I would normally associate with the icing, but nope, the cake part itself was so soft and creamy. There was a Pinkberry across the street, and I could not resist, know that they had a mini size, perfect for a post-cupcake snack. It was everything I dreamed it would be, I had pomegranate with almonds and raspberries. I can understand why Larry David was so crazy about it on Curb Your Enthusiasm (that episode is the reason I wanted to try Pinkberry, no joke). I had to settle for Starbucks coffee as along the way we had not passed a single Dunkin’ Donuts, just one Starbucks after another. We walked by the World Bank and a hawk flew right in front of us as well. Again we had forgotten to charge the GPS, so while Brent checked out; I sat in the lobby by an outlet while the GPS charged.

Driving to the National Zoo was a nightmare of epic proportions. The GPS had lost the signal so we were trying to go off the printed Google Maps, only we had missed the turn for the street and trying to backtrack was awful because the streets are all curvy and the intersections consist of five different streets all meeting up at once. We did pass by the Church of Scientology Administrative Head Offices and I joked that they have a Tom Cruise monitoring centre in there. The zoo was just another headache; half the parking lots were under construction. We pulled into one finally and were told it was full, so we had to drive in and do a u-turn, only when we got to the gate the guy asked for our ticket stub and tried to charge us for parking! Stupid free zoo was full of people. I was really mad about it; I had wanted to see cheetah cubs and cute animals. We parked on a small side street near the Washington National Cathedral and walked, assuming there would be no parking. Twenty minutes later we finally got there and what did we see, but a sign for free public parking for visitors. There was a suggested $10 donation, which if you did give it you got a sticker telling people you are not a jerk. It was great though, we got to explore the entire church. I had to wait until mass finished so that I could take pictures though. There was a stained glass window with a piece of moon rock in it. There was also an observation deck and from there you could see all of Washington DC, including the White House and the Vice President’s mansion. The deck also gave a good view of the church’s gargoyles. They even had helpful signs pointing out where everything was. We also got to wander around underneath the church looking at various altars and crypts.

We drove by a Keep Maryland Beautiful sign, so apparently we were now in Maryland. From this point on we were stuck in an unbearable amount of slowly inching traffic, I am talking hours here of barely moving along. We stopped at a really crappy gas station, it had the worst selection of candy I had ever seen, I came out empty handed and angry as ever. And right back to the traffic, even though we had switched onto another interstate. It was awful and my hanger was only growing. The traffic finally cleared and we took the opportunity to go out and find food. We stopped at Hardee’s where the stupid ad in the window convinced me that one of us should order bacon cheese fries, while the other orders curly fries and we split them. They were disgusting, but in that disgusting good kind of way, like macaroni and cheese, something miserable you eat when you are down. I even took to dunking curly fries in the “cheese” as they call it.

Back on the highway we passed the site where some crazy person is trying to rebuild Noah’s Ark according to the bible. It was more than pathetic, just a few beams and a giant billboard explaining it.  We were staying in the middle of nowhere in Maryland. How far in the middle of nowhere, well far enough that if you drove for five minutes past the hotel you would be in farm country. In the hotel pamphlet, for attractions they list a tire store. For dinner we had Ben & Jerry’s (Smores, too much chocolate not enough marshmallow) and candy. On our way to the store for dinner we stopped at the hotel arcade, I lost two quarters to the Cruis’n Exocita machine, and still put in two more. However I only came in second place, even after quite a few crashes, at some point the race takes you through an airport and you have to doge airplanes trying to take off.  Back in our room I caught up on America’s Got Talent with a cherry 7-Up and pile of candy. After that I resorted to reading my book about food, which only made me crave chocolate. Even after all the ice cream, candy and soda!

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