2012 Roadtrip 3: Day 9

16 Sep

Sat. Sept. 1, 2012- MD-PA:

Breakfast was such a let-down, I thought I had seen a pancake machine the night before but alas it turned out to be a microwave. I resorted to eating my emergency stash of Skittles Riddles in the car. Welcome to Pennsylvania! Apparently the Fallingwater tours were all sold out; we did not know that you could buy them in advance. We had to settle for grounds admissions, but we got to see surprising amount of it, which was helped by the fact that Fallingwater was designed with a lot of windows. It was fun to just to peek in through the windows at Frank Lloyd Wright’s really ugly and uncomfortable furniture. There were also two lookouts along trails that provided views of Fallingwater in the natural landscape, which happened to be foggy and grey that day. There were so many people everywhere I looked, it was impossible to take photographs that had no people in them, at the last minute a head would always pop in.

Our plans for going to the Trundle Manor just outside of Pittsburgh fell through because the owners were on a ghost-hunting trip to Gettysburg. I had really been looking forward to looking at oddities and now our afternoon was wide open. We arrived in Pittsburgh much earlier than anticipated, but right around lunch time, which was great because our next stop for the day was Quaker Steak and Lube for some chicken wings. We parked beside a hotel with a Panera Bread and walked, anticipating a lack of parking near the restaurant. The wings were amazing, the 2nd best I have had in the States (1st place of course goes to Anchor Bar & Grill in Buffalo, NY). I don’t know why the place had such a weird name, but I can see why Man Vs. Food was filmed there. For one thing, the wings are giant. There is an entire scale of hotness to choose from, ranging from sadly wimpy to suicide hot.  Given this was our first time there; I thought it best to go for something right in the middle, the Buffalo sauce. Alas, I should have gone one hotter, because these were a bit mild and I should have tried a more interesting flavour like Cajun, but there is always next time. I ate way more wings than Brent did, I left behind two, he left behind half (maybe 6 or 7?). This is because he was eating every tiny little bit of edible matter leaving behind just the bones. Who wants to eat the gross hard bit anyways? I only left behind two because I was leaving room for dessert from Panera Bread. I went in and ordered a coffee to go with my free pastry (as a birthday gift from them). When I ordered the guy asked me if I had an actual card, which I didn’t. He offered to set one up for me, but because I did not know my account number. This whole ordeal distracted him so much so that he forgot to charge me for my coffee (and he gave me the wrong cookie). I ran to the car, confusing Brent in the process, and I explained to him in a hurried voice.

We were staying at the same hotel in Pittsburgh, the Double Tree by Hilton which meant another free cookie for me! Keep in mind: I had just eaten one the size of my face. That fact disappeared as soon as I stepped into the lobby, the thought of that warm chocolate chip cookie with a tiny hint of walnuts in it, made my chicken wing and giant cookie filled stomach rumble in anticipation. With the afternoon free and nothing on TV, I headed out to Macy’s for some shopping, but I did not find anything. Then it started to rain on me. I spent the rest of the day bumming around, playing Dominion on ISOtropic and watching the Game Show Network. They had a Family Feud marathon on, which kept me occupied for much longer than it should have. Somehow, and I am not sure how, I ended up craving another cookie and some hot chocolate to go with it. I found myself with my pajamas underneath my sweatpants and shirt downstairs at the 7-Eleven. With my snacks I cuddled under the blanket and continued yelling at the TV my answers to the Family Feud questions, it was a nice way to end the day.

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