NYC 2012- Day 2- Part 2

23 Sep

Part 2

I plotzed on the bed for maybe two minutes and it was time to leave again. I stuck my tongue out at Brent and he asked if I had eaten something blue, I had completely forgotten about my blue slushee. Our dinner plans consisted of pizza and popcorn. We went to Garrett’s Popcorn first because it was on the way. The address was listed as Penn Plaza so we went into Penn Station. After lapping the station and finding no popcorn, Brent asked the information people while I surfed the free wireless (you do not realize how much you miss the internet until you spend a day without it). Turns out Garrett’s was outside, how was I supposed to know? It felt so good to eat Garrett’s Popcorn again, it had been too long. I had also forgotten how greasy it is. We got to John’s Pizzeria (as recommended by the internet) only to see that their slogan was “no slices”, it was a sit down place. Again, how was I supposed to know?! Hungry and tired, I relented and agreed to eat there. I was afraid we would overdo it on the food, so we ordered a small pizza and drinks, nothing else. My wine was served to me in a different glass, and because of this I got about two glasses of wine, at least, so much for not overdoing it. The pizza arrived and it was huge! Turns out that six slices for two people is still a heck of a lot of food, I managed to eat two slices and then that was it- I hit the wall. Walking back to the hotel (for a bathroom break and to drop off the popcorn) we passed by the tip of Times Square, a teaser of my plans for the next day. From what I saw, it looked great, so bright and busy!

From the hotel we headed back south, I was back-tracking to where I had been earlier. We were there to continue our dorky on-going tour of Frank Lloyd Wright. We were in the Bowery to see St. Marks church. Even for a church it still bore a lot of his style signatures, the small porch out front, the awning and course the generous use of straight lines. As we walked to Please Don’t Tell, a lesbian version of Scarlett Johanson passed by. We got to Crif Dogs and after some “no, you go” and “no, after you” and “it was your idea”s I finally got the nerve, went in and got in the phone booth. I tried to pry the door open until I saw that there was a sign telling me to dial 0. It barely rang and a door opened! There was a girl with a binder in what amounted to a dimly lit shoe closet. She asked for my name and number so she could call me when something freed up. Not wanting to give away that I was really just there to play with the secret-door phone booth, I gave her my number. I never turned my phone on, we never went. It was awesome.

The next stop on my map was a pizza joint. On to the next point! The pizza joint was under my original plans when we were to eat at John’s Pizzeria the night before, so we could skip this place. The next and final destination was Eileen’s Special Cheesecake; I was so excited for this. I was craving cheesecake really bad. We got to the intersection where the street we were looking for was supposed to be; only it was not there. I looked at the street signs to make sure, and it said Spring and LaFayette. Our directions said that LaFayette would turn into Cleveland Place so we walked south for a bit. We were following my directions from earlier in the day- in reverse. We walked for a bit and gave up. As we headed back north, there it was! The intersection we had originally been at was improperly marked! It was less than a minute south of where we had been standing puzzling!! The cheesecake had the right amount of tartness and was not overly sweet. It was served as a mini-sized cake, not a slice so you did not lose any of the graham cracker crust. When we got back to that intersection I pointed at it and yelled!! It did not say Cleveland Place!!

The neighbourhood was packed with hipsters wandering about. It was Fashion Night Out which meant just a giant jam of people clogging up the sidewalks, moving along like snails stuck in tar in slow-motion. I was dehydrated, tired, my legs were killing me and we were getting nowhere. It felt like it took forever to get back. We stopped for soda and toothpaste but the soda proved to be my undoing, giving me a horrible stomach cramp. We were walking back along Broadway so we passed by the Flatiron Building again. The Empire State Building was visible off in the distance, it was all lit up and red.

For my first full day in New York City I saw so many sights: a city rat, aggressive drivers, a few Rabbis, got almost hit by a car, I became a crazy jaywalker (unafraid of cars) and I survived riding the NYC subway. I was writing all this in bed, while my legs throbbed and throbbed. All I could hear was HONK HONK HONK BEEP BEEP BEEP. Brent asked me if on my walk I had seen City Hall and it clicked in my head: earlier I had seen people gawking at a building with old architectural details, I just figured it was the courts- it was City Hall. So yes, yes I did see City Hall as well as all of lower Manhattan.

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