Bar Volo

18 Oct

Now, I’m no beernoisseur, so when it was suggested that we go for dinner to Bar Volo (voted best beer selection) I shrugged and said sure, why not, they serve food there too. I am not one for beer, in fact there are very few beers* I am willing to ingest without making any number of faces.

What we did not account for was that they don’t start serving food until 5pm, we got there just past 4:30 so we had to sit around and wait a while. Given that there was only one thing on the entire beer menu that I would consider drinking (some really long-named cider), I opted to wait until we had food. I am not quite sure what I had expected when I saw that there was a food menu, given that the majority of places we went to that were known for their alcohol menu had a limited food menu. Here it was not the case of a limited food menu, rather it was small portions. But that just left room for candy, no complaints here. The caribou and fig pate was delicious, can’t really go wrong with pate. And the cider was delicious, and served in generous portions.

*Sleemans, Fruli, Belle-Vue Kriek and most ciders, except for Strongbow (’tis gross, unless mixed with regular beer for a Snake Bite, then it is oddly good)


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