County General- Take 2

21 Oct

The County General, where we had previously gone for brunch was recently voted best manhattan. Back we went for a second round. The dinner menu is not that extensive, it was fairly easy to make a pick. I went with the beef cheeks (it might sound like I ate cow bum, but in fact it was the cow’s facial cheeks). Brent had the bacon wrapped pork loin. I won, I totally made the better choice.

The pork loin was good, I did prefer the sides (potatoes and sweet potatoes). But the beef cheek was so tender and well-marinated. The meat just fell apart in a saucy mess of goodness. I did take a bite of my sides, both the regular carrot and the weird yellow one. Both tasted like dirt. So gross.

Turns out I am not a huge fan of manhattans, I foresaw this and instead had ordered a county drive-in, partly because it had Maker’s Mark bourbon (we had visited the distillery over the summer) but more-so because it was made with cream soda.

As per the dessert menu, if I said it was lacking that would be an understatement. All they had was apple pie and chocolate mousse! The croque madame is still hands-down  the best item served there.


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