Dim Sum Anyone?

27 Oct

As we walked to Crown Princess for best dim sum we were a bit worried that we might need a reservation, it was after all the dinner hour. As it turns out that dim sum is only available at lunch. And apparently no one (at least last Wednesday) was interested in Crown Princess’s dinner menu. There was one other couple there, but they left soon after we arrived. We were alone in what looked more like a banquet hall. The chairs were draped with heavy velvet, the table clothes were silky, and we were sitting at a table for four. The napkins even had napkin rings!

Having already sat down we decided to stay for dinner. The sea cucumber caught my eye, but they lost me at the price tag, somewhere over $100 for 4 pieces. Not my cup of tea. The complimentary jasmine green tea however, that indeed was my cup of tea. In the menu there was a picture of a roasted pigeon alas it was not on the menu itself. I settled for chicken in the “sze chaun” style as they put it. It came with a side of greens…. crispy fried greens. Still not enough to make me eat my veggies though. Brent had wanted beef tendon (because that is the part of a cow you want to eat, the tendons) and was told that they were all out, the waiter suggested something similiar instead. And *plunk* a giant (bigger than my head) bowl of soup was placed in front of him. Oh, how I laughed and laughed. You see, he does not like soup (weird right, soup is one of the best foods out there!).

We ate while the staff hovered nearby, clearing our table, refilling our tea. I could not help but feel like they were laughing at us behind closed doors. Especially when we tackled our appetizers with chopsticks. The shrimp ball was impossible to eat and I kept dropping crispy bits everywhere. The duck slid out of the pancake wrapped around it and fell onto my plate. All the while elevator music of such wonderful hits such as Sarah McLaughlin and Celine Dion played. And then played again. The CD had looped.

Overall it was ok, not the greatest. It was much too banquet hall-esque and the music really got to me.



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