Gooey Goodness

02 Nov

What happens when you stick cheese between two pieces of bread and heat it up? A wonderful magical transformation occurs. You go from having just about the grossest sandwich in the world (unmelted cheese is gross) to having the most heavenly of delights. Throw in some slices of turkey, some peppers, experiment with different cheeses like cheddar and now you’re really cooking. It is no wonder that Grilled Cheese in Kensington was newly voted best grilled cheese (ousting Leslieville Cheese). These people live it to their name and their new “best of” award. The menu is extensive, from the simple to the monstrous. Brent went with monstrous: it had turkey, bacon, peppers, tomatoes, red onions… and it was way too much. I went with the simpler Turkey 3000 (weird name, tis why I can recall it) which had sliced turkey breast (would’ve been better if it was bits of cooked turkey, ah well), cheddar (always good) and tomatoes (so bad, had to pull them out, I actually had a bite of one, they are weird in their sweet tartness).

Owing to their extensive innards, these sandwiches are huge! And they arrive steaming hot atop a basket of chips and just for a touch of class: a pickle wedge. The grease from the cheese seeped into the chips. I kind of wish the chips were inside the sandwich for that much needed crunch when you are eating a hopping gooey hot mess of greasey goodness.

All in all, it was the best grilled cheese I have yet to indulge in. But every time I have a grilled-cheese-wich it is better than the last! But no grilled cheese sandwich will ever top what I had in Cinncinnatti at Tom & Chee. It had jalapeno potato chips in it, that somehow retained some crunch. Still, it is worth it’s price and worth the indulgence. Save for the tomatoes, so gross.


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