Burrito- Round 2

25 Nov

You know what else I hate? Beans. When we went Chino Locos for the best burrito in the city I had to settle for edamame beans. This year we went to Mucho Burrito on Ryan’s recommendation for an ungodly hot burrito with ghost chilis in it. Well in Brent’s, not mine. I was really looking forward to seeing him sweat and cry. Alas, they no longer had it, it was a limited time only burrito. We had to settle for regular burritos. Granted, the hot sauce was still pretty damn hot.



What was good about Mucho Burrito (aside from the fact that the burritos were delicious) was that there was the option for no beans! They ask if you even want any beans or sour cream in your burrito! So what I ended up with was just the good stuff: rice, marinated steak and grilled veggies (as in mostly just green peppers, a few onions snuck in though) doused with hot sauce! Good times. In addition they have various sizes.


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