Banana… For the Win?!

01 Dec


Attempt number four to go to Auntie’s and Uncle’s for best brunch in the city. We had made numerous attempts previously and were met each time with an unusual amount of people lined up/loitering outside. Not this time. We got up ungodly early (double ungodly actually, it was a Saturday) and headed out. Part of me expected a line around the block, the other part thought there would be no one owing to the (now unusual) cold weather and early hour. We got there and lo and behold… not a soul to be seen. And it was less than 15 minutes til opening time. We walked up the street and came back down only to find… two people in line. It was too good, something had to be up. How could there be so few people?


As soon as we were seated however the mystery was solved: everyone had been waiting in their cars and there was a mad rush to get in. The place was full before 9am, the formal opening time. After that it was just droves of people coming in, being told there were no tables and then being told not to loiter in the front door and to leave. Auntie’s and Uncle’s should really consider installing a revolving door.

From what I remembered reading about this place, the waffle iron was broken. But this was two years ago (yes, we had been trying for that long to actually go there) so I ordered away! And thankfully it was not broken. I would have gone with my go-to brunch item which is pancakes however the ones on the menu were tainted with vile bananas. Blech. And yet Brent ordered them, that brave soul.

Having gotten up so damn early and rushing to get to the place, I did not have time for coffee. As soon as we were asked if we wanted any drinks I asked for coffee. The waitress asked me if I wanted milk or cream, I answered yes, to which Brent laughed and I realized she was asking which I had wanted. See? Me without my morning coffee= catastrophe. As we waited for our food I sipped my coffee- which was then magically refilled by our awesome waitress- we talked. A real rarity when it comes to dining out in the city. Usually it is either too loud, we are busy stuffing ourselves with free bread or we are making fun of the annoying people around us. That did not happen at Auntie’s and Uncle’s. Part of the charm is how small and quaint the place is (also the reason why it fills up so fast). The wallpaper had airplanes on it, Bob Dylan was playing and most importantly: our table was far away from any and all other tables. We were near the servers station/coffee bar. Nice and quiet. A real gem.

Eventually our food arrived. With every *ding* of the order-up bell we perked up thinking it was our food, and this time it was. The waffles were massive and delicious. I had a bite of Brent’s pancakes out of sheer curiosity, expecting I would spit it out and make a face and go back to my yummy maple syrup and butter drenched waffles. I did make a face alright. A very confused and delighted face. They were delicious!! I don’t know how, but somehow, they had made the banana pancakes taste so damn good! It might be that I got a bite that did not have a piece of banana in it, just the subtlest hint of flavour. I still will never ever order a whole plate of them, lest I go to the effort of eating around the banana pieces. They also managed to make pears palatable by poaching them. They were soft, smushy and sweet unlike the hard and tart pears I am used to. Used to disliking, the poached pears however were delicious. But too much. After eating a giant pile of waffles all I could think of was taking a nap.

Auntie’s and Uncle’s is in an alternate universe: it is the epitome of hipster yet there was nary a hipster to be seen, banana-stuff tastes good, pears are delicious, conversations can be had!! No wonder they always have a line-up of people clamoring to get in.


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