Harbord Bakery

01 Dec


Harbord Bakery recently won best danish. Now we had two reasons to go there, the first one being best challah bread. This is another one of those old ones we have been meaning to get around to and just haven’t. Now that there were two best of’s there, that gave us all the more impetus to go!


I’m not a big fan of danishes. I find that there is usually too much of the pastry and the fruit can sometimes be gross. Not to mention the sticky fingers. It is impossible to eat a danish and not get sticky, it can’t be done. Regardless, I went for the cherry one only to find out that it was half cherry and half blueberry! It was shaped like an 8, and there really easy to break and avoid eating the blueberry half. Brent had the poppy-seed danish which I stole many bites of. It was basically a mini-hand-held makowiec (Polish poppy seed cake). Can’t go wrong with makowiec. The danish was good because there was not a lot of pastry and best of all it was fresh. There is nothing worse than a stale danish.


The challah bread was delicious as expected. And now I have a whole loaf of it. Looks like at least a week of challah pb&j sandwiches for me.


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