I Will One Day Attempt To Make This

08 Dec

Pinterest is a veritable time-suck. You end up with a million boards of cat pictures. And recipes. Once you start following Martha Stewart it all goes to hell. You thought cute cat pictures were a time-suck? Just you wait. Before you know it you have been on Pinterest for hours and you have amassed a giant Katamari of a board of recipes that you one day dream of making.

Dream no more. I have a giant Pinterest board entitled I Will One Day Attempt To Make This and not wanting to be a liar, I finally took to it. I decided to start easy- and festive. There was a simple enough recipe I had re-pinned from, where else, Martha Stewart Living, for ginger cookies. Keep in mind a few things here: 1.) I no longer own a mixer since moving out 2.) I have never attempted a cookie more complex than fancy chocolate chip cookies and lastly 3.) at least half my adventures in the kitchen end in some level of disaster. With all this in mind, I sent Brent off the store with a giant list of demands*. And what demands they were. I was venturing into unknown territory with this recipe: molasses, ginger, and even allspice!! I’ve only ever known allspice as that little black ball you find floating in your soup- I strongly recommend against biting it.


Right off the bat I encountered troubles. Measuring cups, none to be found. I had to make do with using a shot glass and a mug. It was not pretty. Also not pretty was my hand. Lacking a mixer I decided to make these cookies the old fashioned way and knead the dough by hand. I quickly came to regret this decision as I learned a very important lesson in the kitchen and that is: molasses is sticky. I also learned that ginger and molasses have really, and I cannot stress that enough, both have strong flavours and smells. So much so I took to adding in more cinnamon and brown sugar just to try and counteract it. In my defense, the measurements were inaccurate from the start. I also decided against putting black pepper in my cookies because quite frankly, it sounds gross. At the last minute I added in half of the allspice called for, only to counter the overpowering molasses and ginger.


I threw the dough in the freezer and took to cleaning the mess I had made thus far. There was cookie dough on the cupboard door. Another thing missing in the kitchen: a proper baking sheet. All I could find were two tiny ones! I had to resort to baking lots of little batches. This worked out better than expected. For the first batch I made small flat discs- they melted into each other in a giant mess. For the second round I made little towers- inexplicably same result. Round three I made little balls, just to cover all my bases. In total: 1 (!!!) cookie came out perfectly round. The others are all weird shapes from me cutting them apart.


Looks and smell aside, how did they turn out? Did I succeed in making delicious Martha Stewart ginger cookies from my Pinterest board? *looks at cookie crumbs* Yes. I also learned to not judge a batch of cookies based on the taste of the dough.



And now I have a new Pinterest board, One Day I DID Make This to share my successes!

Up Next: Soft Pretzels, also from Martha Stewart

*having recently moved out I lost access to some of the basic necessities such as flour and eggs and baking soda



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