Mmm Pizza

13 Dec

Is there any food better than a slice of pizza? It is tasty, can be eaten on the go, and comes in such a wide variety of flavours and styles. It is really hard to go wrong with pizza. Even better is the city’s best slice. If you have been keeping track this will be the third time. It seems best slice keeps changing. At the moment it is at the newly opened North of Brooklyn pizzeria.

North of Brooklyn is a tiny little place, the light-bulb sign outside is bigger than the pizzeria itself. But my god the pizza is good. We ordered 4 slices total, so we could try one of each. We split a pepperoni slice and a puttanesca slice (which is what I assume it was? It had spicy sausage on it). And we each devoured our own slice of margherita pizza. As if that was not enough food- did I mention the slices were huge?- we also split some garlic knots. Basically it was tiny garlic bread balls covered in cheese.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria- best slice (1)

Surprisingly the stand-out was the pepperoni slice. The crust had a sprinkling of sesame seeds, which at first I thought was just for show. But it tasted so good! And the pepperoni slices were of high quality and not ungodly salty. Plus bonus points for it having been fresh out of the oven.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria- best slice (4)

The pizzeria is so small that you can see right into the kitchen and watch one of the owner’s chow down on a slice of pepperoni pizza, folded in half. You know the pizza is good if the owner is eating it. I cannot wait until they start offering delivery (sometime in January, I forget when).

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria- best slice (3)


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