Bad Idea

20 Dec

We have managed to make quite a dent in the “best of” list from BlogTO, sometimes venturing out of our comfort zones and ingesting “food” like salads (or in Brent’s case, soup, which he inexplicably hates). Even still, we were barely prepared for this one: mac and cheese. A food neither of us is too fond of. So we called in help, my sisters, who love mac and cheese. The original plan was to order a dish of it and split it. But things started to crumble. Camilla was hungry, Brent wanted a sandwich. In total we wound up with an ungodly amount of mac and cheese in front of us.

Victory Cafe- best mac & cheese, best pitcher (1)

We were at Victory Cafe for some pre-Snakes & Lattes food and drink (voted best pitcher of beer). Camilla and I had arrived early and snagged a table, inside the surprisingly (it wasn’t even 4:30) busy cafe. The waiter came over and proceeded to tell us about the rather extensive beer collection, we nodded along and after all that: did not order anything, choosing to wait for the beernoisseur (Brent) to arrive and help us out. We had no idea. None whatsoever. Getting antsy that everyone was taking so long to arrive, we decided on the beer written on a blackboard behind us instead. Heck, why not. Eventually the rest of the group arrived and one by one.. everyone ordered mac and cheese, or a sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. Maybe I was really tired, or just plain out of it, but for some unbeknownst reason, I ordered the grilled cheese.. with a side of mac and cheese. This was the greasiest grilled cheese sandwich I had ever seen, it was soaked. Yet somehow still crunchy. The mac and cheese was delicious, I managed to actually finish my tiny bowl of it. As per those who ordered it as a main: they gave the rest of us a show to go with dinner. There was so much mac and cheese on their plates. Camilla resorted to moving it around after eating half, just to make it look like she had eaten more. The beer was surprisingly good (we had gone with a red ale).

Victory Cafe- best mac & cheese, best pitcher (2)

And now I am never ever going to eat any cheese for a really long time. As per mac and cheese, I may never eat it again. Holygod there was a lot of cheese.


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