2012 in review

31 Dec

What a whirlwind year! From surviving New York City to surviving deep-fried goodness at the CNE, it’s been a crazy year. TWICE I visited Route 66! In 2012 I finally made it to state #25 and then just for kicks, state #26- meaning I have now seen half the states. I (somehow) managed to graduate (and therefore escape) from university, always fun. And let’s not forget the food, oh ho ho no. This year saw the successful breakfast at Auntie’s & Uncle’s, our many failed and final successful attempt to eat at Grand Electric and of course the curiosity-satiating La Carnita fish taco. And of course there was the super gross Cinncinnati chili-dog. Just gnarly.

There was also the amazing trip to the Grand Canyon, watching the sun rise over the canyon. And let’s not forget, in 2012 I was a business owner and I became a published writer with my article on Route 66, published in Verge Magazine.

Oh, and yeah, the world kinda sorta didn’t really end after all. That is always a good thing to cheers to.

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