Oh Bellevue

05 Jan

There is nothing quite like waking up after a night of restless sleep interspersed with mild bouts of insomnia. Why the chipper mood about a Saturday morning wake-up? The promise of a french-toast croissant. From Bellevue, the best new brunch of 2010.

Given the early wake-up and lack of coffee I was a bit slow to start and we got there soon after 10am. Along the way we wondered if the place would be empty (it is less well-known) or rammed. I thought, but did not say for fear of jinxing, that it would be closed, as it was the last time we tried to go there. I should not have even thought it. We got there only to find a sign informing us that they were under renovations.


We walked up the street to Cafe Pamenar, best cafe of 2011, so I could finally get my caffeine fix. And we shared a cookie to hold us over before we got to our back-up breakfast: The Federal. Just to put it in context: it is literally around the corner from our house. We had to backtrack. The whole way there we were worried that it would be packed given it was almost 11am! The coffee from Cafe Pamenar was delicious, it did not need any sugar and was delightful. Alas, it being winter, we did not get to enjoy the nice patio.


We got there and were seated at the bar because that was the only space left. It took me no time to decide what I wanted: there were waffles on the menu. Brent had the french toast with foie gras. It was weird. The foie gras was so greasy and just melted in your mouth. The french toast was accompanied by almond butter. I still say the waffles were better. You can’t go wrong with waffles.



I also came to a realization: pancakes trump waffles. For the longest time I could not decide between the two. But now I know: pancakes. They are much more versatile with many more options available.

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