Double Whammy

12 Jan

Today we decided to knock two best of’s off the list. To start the day off we went to the best new cafe of 2012,     Voodoo Child. We had walked by the place a million times when walking home along College. I even stood outside of it once while Brent went to Subway next door.

I was not too keen on the brunch menu at first glance but a delicious and artfully decorated cappuccino is hardly a proper breakfast. I decided on some toast with fresh fruit compote and a sausage. A nice simple breakfast. Brent however went the polar opposite, ordering the apple bacon caramel crepes.They should call them ABC Crepes. The cappuccino was delicious, it did not even need any sugar and the design was really pretty, always a nice touch. The bread was from Woodlot, a nice added bonus. It was no ordinary toast: it had been fried in butter. The fruit compote was made of pear and it was delicious in it’s subtlety. The sausage, delicious as expected, no surprise there. The real surprise was the crepe, of which I stole a bite. You would not expect the three to go together so well, yet somehow the tartness of the apple, saltiness of the bacon and sweetness of the caramel blend so well.


The chef came by and asked how the food was, mentioning that we were the first people to order off the new brunch menu (it changes every few weeks- we’re going back for more). He wanted to know how the crepe was, if it tasted good. The owner also came by to ask how the food was. Voodoo Child ranks up there really high for delicious coffee drinks and great customer service. We were both saying how this might be a regular place for us now. Going back every few week to try out the new brunch menu. Plus there is an espresso drink on their cocktail menu that I am just itching to try, however we were there before drinking hours. Just another of many reasons to go back.


After a few hours of digesting and resting we headed back out to best new bar of 2012: Bellwoods Brewery. You see, this is no ordinary bar. You do not walk into this place late at night and sit in the dark drink martinis or what-have-yous. Oh no. Here you sit down at one of many communal tables or at the bar and indulge in one of their many house-brews. Depending on where you are sitting, you can actually see the brewery. No sooner had we arrived, a few minutes after opening time, the place was packed! As I have said a bunch of times before, I am not one to enjoy beer. But given that it was brewed in-house and they had one on tap that seemed relatively tolerable, I imbibed.


I ordered a 4% light ale. It was delightful, I actually really liked it. To go with our beer we got all fancy and ordered some bread (again from Woodlot, twice in one day!) with duck liver pate as well as some roasted duck hearts with jalapeno oil for dipping. I was none too thrilled about the duck hearts, given I previously did not enjoy eating chicken hearts. Turns out duck hearts are much tastier. As was the duck liver pate, wherein I found out that even duck livers have that characteristic sweet taste you find with duck overall. When we got the bill we discovered that I had not been indulging in the light ale, I had in fact been drinking the strong 10% Blitzen. When Brent ordered his second beer, a Roman Candle the waitress mentioned this being his second one. He shrugged it off, until he took a sip of his beer and realized it was the same one. Once the bill arrived, I noticed that we had only been charged for the Blitzen that Brent had originally ordered (even though he had been given a Roman Candle) and when we mentioned it to the waitress, she said she would add on two Roman Candles… and it dawned on us I had been drinking the Blitzen. It would explain why I felt the way I did.



Bellwoods Brewery is also another place we are to return to, they are expanding the kitchen and the brewery so that there will be more on tap. They had 4 beers on tap and the oven was not working (otherwise we would have finished off our meal with a triple chocolate brownie- we both thought maybe the waitress would offer us brownie batter instead, nope).


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