What’s for brunch? Eggs… lots of eggs

19 Jan

I usually look forward to waking up early to head out to a popular place, when there is the promise of brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch? Pancakes: good. Waffles: good. French toast: good. Regular toast: also good. Throw in a cup of coffee and I am set. Or not.


We headed out north of Bloor (there is a first time for everything) to Bristol Yard, voted best new brunch of 2012. I was not sure what to expect. British cuisine plus a lack of an online menu to browse beforehand left me wondering. I was right to  be worried. The worry faded as we got close and found a crowd of people standing around outside waiting to get in. It raised my hopes a bit.


Then I saw the menu, which consisted of many, many versions of some form of bread (scone, toast, english muffin) and two (always two) poached eggs. The only item without two poached eggs was the french toast.  I decided, rather quickly, on that. And then my dreams were smashed. No french toast. I was set with having just a cup of coffee, but then Brent said we should leave, so I settled and ordered his back-up choice… so that he would have the rest after I took a few bites. I was not looking forward to my Eggs St. George. It was two poaced eggs atop ham atop an English muffin, smothered with sauce. Topped with hot sauce. It was gross. I had a few bites, they were ok… but no. I was not happy. Brent’s dish, The Glasgow, was no better. It was a giant chunk of beef with an egg on top, between two pieces of scone, covered in a grey slop of gravy. It was not pretty.


No, scratch that. All it was was pretty. They only get points for presentation. And for coffee being included.


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