Rebel Brownies

22 Jan

This might come as a shock to some, but I am rather awful when it comes to following recipes. I sub stuff in, am not too concerned about the amounts being exact, add stuff in to my heart’s content etc…


I had an idea for some really delicious brownies (and a way to use up the extra Skor bits). I would throw in some marshmallows as well, for good measure of course. Working from a basic brownie recipe I tossed in handful after handful of marshmallows, occasionally eating a handful myself.


I had high hopes for these brownies, having learned long ago to not mix in the Skor bits (they just melt) and to instead toss them on top during the baking process. Somehow this thought did not extend to marshmallows (more easily associated with melting I might add).



What came out of the oven looked like a horrid mess. It was hard to cut as the melted marshmallows made everything sticky. The marshmallows did not stay intact as I had hoped for, they instead melted and disappeared, leaving barely a trace. Now I know for next time: add in the marshmallows on top as well.


Regardless: they are still delicious.


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