Brownies- Take 2

23 Jan

I could not sleep all of last night, for many reasons, one of which was the epic (at least in my mind) failure that my brownies were. I wanted giant bites of chocolate and marshmallow! And dense, not fluffy! Back to the drawing board. I did a little research and some thinking. I thought maybe I could freeze the marshmallows over night and then toss them in at a later stage in the baking. I double-checked with some recipes for rocky-road brownies. Indeed, they all said to throw them in 5 minutes before done baking. But, I wanted them to really adhere to the brownies.


The plan was to only replace half the butter, not all of it, with applesauce this time (making them less fluffy, I give up, apple sauce is only a butter substitute in cakes). And throw in the marshmallows when there were 10 minutes left so that they would still sort of sink in. That was the plan anyways. My brownies had a different plan. When I took them out of the oven, the top was already cooked! The marshmallows and Skor bits (nope, did not use them all up, they STILL haunt my baking drawer) just sat there on top. So I started pushing them into the cake top, but I gave up.


When I took them out of the oven, the brownies had a giant marshmallow blanket on top. Stupidly, I tried to cut into them almost immediately. Bad idea. The marshmallows were still soft and making it impossible to cut.



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