You Can Taste The Fancy

31 Jan


After staying late at work, giving up my good post down near the courtside, heading up to the nosebleeds section, I was kind of sort of dreading the long walk home. But then Brent fixed all that. In his post-drunk semi-tipsy haze he suggested we stop at Fancy Frank’s – a place we had been eyeing for weeks- and get a little late-night bite to eat. The combination of having had half a bagel for dinner and my love of hotdogs led to much cheering and celebrating.


We got there at about 11pm and it was pretty busy. I guess hotdogs, even fancy ones, are the go-to nighttime eats? The menu is written in chalk and completely overwhelming. There are so many fancy options to choose from! After much staring and contemplating I decided on the funnily named, Franko Fancy-Aano. The arugula is what really made it delicious. The fact that it was wrapped in prosciutto made me feel fancy and like a pig at the same time. It was great, brought back memories of the bacon-wrapped deep-fried hotdog I had at the CNE. The only problem was: the cheese was not melted!!!! Brent had the Southern Fancy, with pulled pork and coleslaw. It was ok, but I’ve had better pulled pork.


For some reason Brent had decided to order fries AND a chocolate milkshake as well, making for total overkill. The fries were good, as can be expected with fries. And I guess I just don’t like milkshakes. I’d rather just have ice cream.


They do get bonus points for having on the bottom of the receipt: Cool Cats Like Hot Dogs. Hilarious



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