Scottish Saturday

13 Feb

What better way is there to spend a Saturday evening than in a Scottish pub? We had  been meaning to go to the Caledonian for a while now, and finally: we did.


I had been dying to try a deep-fried Mars bar for the longest time. But first, I had to eat dinner. There was only one clear choice: haggis. My options were haggis fritters or haggis with mashed potatoes and turnips. It took a lot of internal debate before I could decide. I figured I could just eat around the turnips. I was not expecting it to be presented so nicely, with the haggis in a nice round puck atop the mashed potatoes. The turnips were mixed into the potatoes, I was lazy about eating around them and ended up ingesting some, didn’t kill me it turns out. Turns out, for all the flack that haggis gets, it is actually really really good. It was savoury and meaty and just the tiniest bit spicy. Maybe this was some fancy version of it, but I loved it.


I had wanted to order an Irn Bru and vodka, which Brent assured me (multiple times) was delicious- but they were out of Irn Bru! The heartbreak! Thankfully I had a back-up drink in mind: a hot toddy. The winner of the night, by far, was the deep-fried Mars bar. It was everything I had hoped for. Warm, chocolatey, greasy, so satisfying. It was among the best deep-fried desserts I have ever had, definitely competing for first place.


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