Hogtown Curiosity Cured

20 Feb


For Valentine’s Day I decided to pack Brent a super-special delicious lunch- none of which I myself had made. The anchor point of a successful lunch is a good sandwich. I was initially going to go to Caplansky’s but changed my mind for a few reasons (it is winter, cold and Caplansky’s is comparatively far). One being that waaaay back in November-Decemeber, brown craft paper went up in the windows of the shop on the corner of Dundas and Dufferin. What intrigued me was that there were recipes for pulled pork and other meat-centric dishes written all over the paper! When Hogtown Cure finally opened, every time I went to the bus stop I was tempted by the smell of smoked meats emanating from the place. And yet still, somehow, we had managed not to go. The place was literally around the corner, and somehow we had not eaten there yet.


I decided to take matters into my own hands and remedy that. I ordered the pulled pork and the smoked meat reuben, thus getting two different sandwiches with Hogtown Cure’s claim to fame: in-house smoked meat. I sat there waiting for my food, watching as dishes of mouth-watering sandwiches passed by. A guy went up to leave his plate and declared it was the best pulled pork he ever had. I was borderline drooling. Finally I got my order, however it was so large that it took up all the room in my bag. My initial plan had been to go grocery shopping after (a sandwich alone is not a lunch, it requires orange juice, chocolate milk and a brownie). One whiff of the sandwiches and I was jaywalking back across Dufferin for home.


I split the pulled pork in half, and swapped it out with half the reuben. One for me, one for Brent. I promised myself only a quick little nibble, I was going to have them for lunch the next day (as in on Valentine’s Day) plus we were going out for calzones in the evening. Somehow (!!) I managed to devour half of each sandwich. They were just so damn good. The reuben trumped the pulled pork, mostly due to the meat-to-bread ratio, but also: I have had better pulled pork.

I do intend to go back, for while I was sitting there I noticed that they serve apple cinnamon french toast- french toast made with slices of baguette!


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