Improved Pizza

21 Feb

Have you ever found that pizza is just too darn messy a thing to eat? When you end up with pepperoni all over your shirt, tomato sauce all over your lips and cheese stuck to your chin, it just doesn’t look good. Enter the calzone, a pizza folded in half and all the pizza-goodness sealed in real tight.


At Frank’s Pizza House, voted best calzone in the city, they have two versions on offer: deep-fried or oven baked. Given I was about to ingest a bread envelope stuffed with cheese, bigger than my head, I opted for oven baked. It made me feel a tiny bit better (enough to later ingest half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s). Brent had the deep-fried version. We each contend that our own choice was the better of the two. I still maintain that the deep-fried flavour overpowers the other flavours. The best part was that there were no pre-set options on the menu for calzones (but I guess you could just order the pizza and say make it a calzone) meaning you were free to mix & match as freely as you wanted without it being more expensive or a pain for the waiter/kitchen staff. As it turns out, prosciutto goes very well with pepperoni.

It felt kind of odd to be sitting in a nice restaurant, eating with a fork and knife, what was essentially a giant Pizza Pocket (remember those?). The advantage to eating it with a fork and a knife was that you were much less likely to severely burn yourself as you would were you to just bite right into it. I am happy to report that neither of us sustained any damage due to ingesting super-hot cheesey bites. Needless to say, there were no cold pizza leftovers for the next day. It was just too damn good and we ate it all, so much food.


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