Drowning in Apples

22 Feb

What to do when you have an ever expanding collection of apples and episodes of Boy Meets World piling up on the DVR? Why, make an apple crumble cake of course.

project 8- lululuathome apple crumble (1)

I could not find the small knife so my options were to peel and slice the apples with a butter knife or a giant carving knife. Easy choice. My apples suffered only a small loss. They were jagged but it was easier than using a butter knife. As it turns out, Boy Meets World is not even bearable anymore. Somehow the bright and cheery, every episode has a moral, theme to it is painful to watch.

project 8- lululuathome apple crumble (4)

The recipe (of course from Pinterest) called for first pan-frying the apples. Pass. Too lazy for that, they will get enough baking time in the oven I figured. I also did not have any maple syrup, but maybe that is for the best. It seems like too many flavours: apples, cinnamon, vanilla… AND maple syrup?! Not having any proper mixing bowls and having used the only pot to make the batter in, I had to use a cereal bowl to  make the crumble. Needless to say, half of it ended up on the counter, floor and me. And as it turns out, 5 apples is twice as much as needed. Maybe that is why you fry them? They shrink in size?

project 8- lululuathome apple crumble (5)

The cake lives up to it’s name. Trying to cut it was difficult as it half fell apart, crumbled if you will. Still tastes good, it’s just a bit difficult to eat. That might be because I was eating it straight out of the oven and burnt myself on the hot apple bits inside. Might be.

project 8- lululuathome apple crumble (6)

So in the end: I have an apple crumble cake tempting me, I finally used up the rest of the Skor bits (they’ve been sitting in the drawer forever- and fine, I ate half as a nibble while waiting for the cake to finish baking, I was hungry), and yet I still have a million apples in the fridge. I used up 3 apples, maybe not even. And I have more on the way. Every week my dad gives me a bag of apples, every week I eat maybe 3 or 4 apples? I am going to need a bigger fridge. Or some pectin and seal-able jars. Or I need to figure out how to poach apples.

Up next: apple chips. Who did not see that one coming?!

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One response to “Drowning in Apples

  1. The Porto Bellas

    February 24, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Apple Chips! Do it! Great post. 🙂


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