Worth The Walk

25 Feb

Nothing beats walking for an hour with snow blowing in your face the whole time just so you can get to a restaurant five minutes early for fear of no seating and the sought after food item being sold out. The Stockyards, voted best ribs, sells fried chicken and ribs only on Fridays and Sundays. We were determined to get some ribs before they sold out. I tried calling ahead, but she told me to call back at 4:45 (they don’t start serving ribs until 5pm on Fridays). That was the plan, however I got there at 4:45 and instead opted for sitting down inside, away from the snow. She was nice enough to let me place my order early, and to hold it for me until Brent got there.

Stockyards- ribs + fried chicken (1)

No sooner had our food arrived did the crowds start pouring in. Order after order for ribs, it wasn’t long before we heard someone shout from the kitchen that they were soon going to be out of ribs. There was nowhere left to sit, people were standing by the doorway waiting for their food. The place was packed! It was a good thing I had gotten there early to secure a table and an order of ribs

.Stockyards- ribs + fried chicken (2)

Of the two meals however, I preferred the chicken. I like my ribs saucy more-so than the dry-rub. They were still among the best ribs I have ever had. There was no way we were going to finish the giant mountains of food before us. Leftovers! And here is where the tables turn. The next morning, the ribs were even more delicious! Somehow sitting in the fridge overnight made them more flavourful (I am guessing the seasonings had more time to sink in, but I am no expert).

Two greasy thumbs up!


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