Stress Cookies!

01 Mar

When you have had a horribly stressful week nothing beats destroying the kitchen with a devilishly-delectable-horrible-for-your-waistline dessert. I did it. I finally caved in and made a truly decadent dish: turtles cookies. For those not in the know, Turtles are caramel and pecan blobs covered in chocolate. Add in the option to pig out on cookie dough and it is truly a glimpse of heaven. Eventually.


After battling many sweet temptations, I managed to get out of Bulk Barn with the necessary supplies, that really you could only find there or maybe a really really good candy shop. I of course mean the caramel squares (you know, the cellophane wrapped ones that are really only around during Halloween).


I had more than one reason (stress) for making the cookies: this weekend we also happen to be celebrating not one, but two birthdays. Given I was making cookies for a whole lot of people, I stuck close to the recipe. By which I mean I followed it exactly (a true rarity I might add). These cookies are a tad more time-consuming- this is mainly due to having to unwrap all those caramels. And then having to carefully push it into the centre of the cookie, and then dipping it into a pile of chopped pecans. The pecans don’t stay in place, you have to individually cram them into the dough, else they fall off. This is true even after baking.


As it turns out I really am in need of a mixing bowl. The pot that I normally use was barely big enough, with every stir I lost a cloud of flour and cocoa powder. By the end the counter was covered and the pot was full to the brim. Really, I should invest in a mixing bowl. They can’t be more than $3 and the mall is literally right there (less than 5 minute walk).


After baking however the cookies need more time for cooling, so that the caramel in the centre sets and does not stick to the other cookies. I ended up with plates all over the place, some with cookies cooling, others with dough balls waiting to be cooked. I also had to let them cool on the baking sheet first, straight of the oven they are still fragile and fall apart easily. Having taken up all the counter space, with cookies in all different stages everywhere… I had to up and leave to get the key to our new apartment. Thankfully no one else was home, I would have surely lost more than a few cookies to sneaky nibblers.


This happens to also be the first time I have ever ended with the right amount of cookies. I actually ended up with what the recipe said I would! And it was a lot. I have an entire Ziploc freezer bag full of them.

The cookies are worth the effort and giant mess because they are easily the best cookies I have ever made/eaten.


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