Now Back to Fooding

09 Mar

After a hectic week of moving and the subsequent time-such that is furniture-assembling we were finally poised to get back to our regular fooding schedule. It had been almost two weeks! (Stockyards was the last place we went to, it just took us a good five minutes trying to remember, having both forgotten that my blog holds the answer, duh). The week of moving took us to some dark corners of the food world, culminating in an epic dinner of Pizza Hut. (In my defense it is tradition to eat Pizza Hut once moved in to a new home, did it London too). As it turns out, the stuffed crust might sound like a great idea (cheese!) it is in fact not the best idea: too much cheese. Couple that with cheesey bread sticks and oh what a tummyache. And the sauce is too sweet. The first slice I ate was actually a double slice that had not been cut. It was also the last slice I ate, as it was enormous and filling.

After all that, we were in desperate need of some good fooding. The plan was to go to best italian hot table after I finished work. I did not anticipate staying so late, and we thought that the place was open until 6pm, as it turns out that only refers to the store-front, not the hot-table sit-down at the back. On to plan b! Which was to walk along St. Clair West over to Christie for best bbq chicken instead. We got to Churrasco of St. Clair and thankfully it was not too busy. We had our food before us within no time, which was a good thing as I was starving! I had devoured a lemon-filled donut (yes, I too had no idea that Tim Horton’s actually offered these, I thought they had affixed the wrong label to the tray) on the way over- it was not enough.

We covered the spread in terms of sides: fries, potatoes and rice. The actual winner of it was the roasted potatoes. The chicken was good, but not something I would crave and talk about for years to come. The potatoes though- oh man, those were good. The rice was barely touched, and that was also the largest portion. The hot sauce that came with the chicken was also amazing, among the best house-made hot sauces I have tried, it went really well with the crispy chicken skin.

Churrasco of St. Clair- best bbq chicken (1)

Best of all we were left with an extra piece of chicken as we had ordered one meal with a quarter chicken and one with a half. Too much chicken is never a bad thing.


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