Los Angeles 2013- Day 10

10 Apr

Sun. Mar. 24, 2013:

After almost a week, I finally got my California orange fix at breakfast. It was every bit as good as I had imagined. I did not get my free cookie fix, as the lobby still had not replenished. I think it was a lie all along; there were never any free cookies to begin with. I did not miss out on too much, as I was eating cold pizza and donuts for breakfast. As it would later turn out, my “awesome” breakfast was not that filling.

When the cabby pulled up by the hotel, he motioned to us as if he was going to go around the hotel and pull up beside us, moments later he emerged from the hotel lobby and we followed him to the parking lot where he had pulled in. It was awkward to say the least.

The wi-fi in LAX was unbearably slow, we quickly gave up any and all hope of doing anything on the internet which quickly devolved into severe boredom and lots of wandering around the airport. We had to move at some point because a guy seated near us decided that the airport lobby was the place to clip his nails.

On one of my walks around the airport I caved in and got some pancakes to go. I ended up having to eat them rather quickly as our plane was boarding soon. Pancakes are only good in small quantities. By the second one my mouth was terribly dry, but I was not going to drink anything lest I have to use an airplane bathroom. Our day was topped off and our vacation finished with a crying baby on the airplane. Thankfully the baby stopped crying soon after take-off and I was able to watch Chinatown in peace. I tried to watch Brave but did not like it, I was so tired I just ended up watching all the episodes of Big Bang Theory they had on demand.

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