What A Lemon

10 Apr

Project 13- Mormon lemon cookies (1)

In trying to half-jusitfy my new purchases, I set out on making lemon cookies. I also thought it would be a nice thing to bring home for Easter. New purchases: chick shaped cookie cutter, grater, wooden spoon. I had bought the grater because a few days before I learned a harsh lesson: you can’t make lemon bars without lemon zest. I was also stuck with half a lemon sitting all alone in the fridge. Grater in hand I set out grating the lemon and quickly learned yet another kitchen lesson: don’t grate a lemon that is not whole. Lemon juice everywhere.

Project 13- Mormon lemon cookies (3)

As usual, I strayed from the recipe I found on Pinterest for lemon cookies, only after tasting the batter though. I thought it needed more lemon juice. Reading through the comments, turns out I am not alone. The first batch I did not flatten. They are enormous puff cookies. The batter was too sticky to use my cookie cutter on, so I stuck it in the freezer. It helped when it came to forming the dough, but it was still too sticky for my cookie cutter. I decided to add some more flour to make it less sticky. The second batch came out rather doughy and did not taste too good.

Project 13- Mormon lemon cookies (2)

For round three I added in some more butter and sugar to try and even it out. But this time the dough was too runny and I got super flat cookies. Even the first batch, which should have turned out, were less than stellar. The only thing I did was add more lemon juice, which according to the comments everyone else had done too.

Project 13- Mormon lemon cookies (5)

Flop. Looks like I need to find a better recipe for lemon cookies. I did manage to use up the sad half lemon that was sitting in my fridge. But I was so mad from the epic fail that I took a break from the kitchen for a week and a half.

Project 13- Mormon lemon cookies (7)


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