Catching Up

15 Apr

A while ago I had written about going to Little Dog for a hotdog, for they are voted best hot dog in the city. Apparently, at least in Brent’s eyes, I had not actually eaten the best hot dog in the city. Just another hot dog from the best place.

Little Dog- steamie hot dog

Well I have finally caught up on it, half a year later but still it counts. I was on my way home and hungry, hungry for a hotdog. Was it the best hot dog in the city? Yes- if you are looking for a simple hotdog, just meat and bun. If you are craving that grilled flavour though, a steamie is not the way to go. It is in the name: steam. They are not grilled, they are steamed. Which is a good thing, if you have ever had a hotdog that was just slightly over-grilled wherein it was in that horrible place between grilled to perfection and char-grilled. A horrible, horrible place. They are also petite in size, so you won’t overdo it.

What can I say? It was a damn good hotdog.


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