Hungry Insomniac: Burger

15 Apr

What to do when insomnia creeps up on you yet again? What else but start going through the best of late night eats in the city of course. We started off with a place close to home: This End Up, voted best late night burger in the city.

Let me tell you, it was worth the walk and the staying up late (Brent insisted we had to go late, because it was voted best late night burger). I am a huge fan of burgers and this just further spurred on the best burger debate. It was up there with Harbord Room. The toppings were a nice change with arugula and cucumbers instead of pickles and lettuce. However the dreaded tomato did still manage to find its way into my burger. As with all burgers this one was a giant sopping mess, helped along by heaps of melted cheese no less.

This End Up- best late night burger

On the side we had three options: salad (gross), fries (default) or white borscht with pork sausage, which the waitress said no one ever chooses. At first I thought blech to borscht, thinking it was red borscht,. Only after she left did I realize it was white borscht which is actually really good. But the pork sausage would have been overkill. The fries on the side were delicious, and they had their own in-house made ketchup which was a bit sweeter than regular ketchup but it paired well with the fries.


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