Decadent Rice Krispie Squares

20 Apr

There were talks early in the week of having people over for a night of games. It had been a while, Pandemic was collecting dust, Ticket to Ride had not even been opened yet- it was time for a weekend of gaming. And what better to fuel the games than sinfully delicious rice krispie squares? I had found two recipes a while ago on Pinterest but could never justify making them because it is kind of difficult to portion it down for only one or two people. It helps when anticipating having a few people over. Helps, and justifies. The two chosen variations were: Oreo and cake batter. I would make a half batch of each.

Project 18+19- Oreo + cake batter rice krispie squares  (3)

The Oreo version called for 10 Oreos. I knew that temptation would get the better of me, so I portioned them out in a plastic bag, so they would not get eaten- as the rest of the bag did within two days. While smashing the Oreos (great fun, great stress relief) I was tempted and thus found myself eating the last of the Oreos. The smashing was really fun, I would throw it in the air and watch it land with a soft thud. I did have to crush them up into smaller bits by hand though when mixing them in with the cereal.

Project 18+19- Oreo + cake batter rice krispie squares  (2)

Project 18+19- Oreo + cake batter rice krispie squares  (5)

The second half called for using 1/6th of a cup of dry yellow cake mix. Which barely makes a dent in the amount that comes in a packaged box. I now have a box of yellow cake mix with a tiny amount missing and not enough eggs to actually make the damn stuff. Maybe I will make Malibu rum cupcakes in the coming week. This recipe proves to be just as fun, but less labour intensive. Instead of pounding Oreos you get to throw in rainbow coloured sprinkles- but beware! I mixed the sprinkles with the cereal and added them together to prevent the sprinkles from colouring the melted marshmallows. I did not anticipate them colouring my brand new wooden spoon, however, as I mixed it all together.

Project 18+19- Oreo + cake batter rice krispie squares  (11)


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