When It’s Cold Out Go To A Hot Table

24 Apr

Nothing sucks more than when it is freezing cold and lightly snowing- despite the fact that it is the end of April! What better way to cheer up (and warm up) than by walking in the frigid cold up to St. Clair West for some delicious Italian food at the city’s best Italian hot table.

Centro Trattoria was packed full of people- and I don’t blame them, it was miserable outside.  I cozied up to a nice warm bowl of noodles and tomato sauce with a nice thick layer of mozzarella cheese and prosciutto slices. I had wanted lasagna but it was sold out, this was better anyways. When I ordered, the woman asked if I wanted sauce and cheese on top. Yes, I said! And then I watched in silent horror as she sprinkled a tonne of Parmesan cheese all over the delicious concoction. Oh God, I thought to myself, how will I ever eat this? I had terrible flashbacks of those green cones filled with Kraft Parmesan cheese and the awful smell.

The first couple of bites I tried to eat around the Parmesan, but there was no way out. I was going to have to eat it. I took a tiny little bite and was pleasantly surprised: it was delicious! I guess that is the difference between good Parmesan cheese and the gross processed kind.

The portions at Centro Trattoria are hefty to say the least, making a good bargain. A lot of food for a cheap price- and actual good food, not something gross you are eating out of necessity.Centro Trattoria (3)


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