01 May

Spring is finally here! And what better way to enjoy it than to go out for lunch on a patio. Or two. We had planned to spend Sunday packing and getting ready to move, but eventually you get hungry. Originally we were going to go to Hrvati, but they don’t open until later. And slowly we went down the list of various best patios in the city and one by one, all were closed this early in the day (it was the lunch hour). We decided on Ronnie’s, voted best place to eat take-out.

Ronnie's Local- best patio for takeout (The Grilled Cheese) (1)

On our way we passed by the Bellevue and it slowly dawned on us as we stared and got closer: it was no longer the Bellevue. We can take that one off the list. But it’s too bad, I was intrigued by the french toast croissant. There was a line-up outside of Ronnie’s, which was opening in 5 minutes. I ran across the street to check out The Grilled Cheese’s menu and then swapped places with Brent in line at Ronnie’s. Being the second group in, we got good seats on the patio. Then we alternated going inside to see the drinks. It is a tiny hole-in-a-wall of a bar, the patio is actually bigger it seems. The patio filled up really quickly. Drinks-wise there was nothing to my fancy, so I settled on orange juice with vodka. I had a sip of Brent’s beer: Delirium, partly because there logo consists of pink elephants. It was actually rather good, it would seem I am starting to appreciate beer. Sort of.

Cafe Panemar- patio

No sooner had our drinks arrived, our grilled cheese sandwiches arrived from across the street. This is ingenious really. You get to sit across the street on a patio, enjoying drinks and they bring your order to you (they give you a plastic cup to mark your table). Grilled cheese and spiked orange juice in the sweet, warm sun, it was like being in heaven. A heaven full of hipsters.

On our way back we stopped at Cafe Pamenar for their awesome back patio. Due to the patio’s sheer awesomeness, we were unable to get a seat. Thankfully the folks at the cafe had anticipated this, as the cafe also features a front patio from which you can hipster-watch while sipping delicious espresso. How do I know it is delicious (other than the fact that I ingested it)? Why because my latte required no sweetening whatsoever unlike certain other places that char their beans thus destroying them. No afternoon coffee on a patio is complete without a baked good of some sort, in this case a chocolate cream cheese cookie. At first that may sound disgusting, and it may even appear so as well (a chocolate cookie with white splotches on it, not chips). The cream cheese was subtle enough as to add just a hint of flavour without wrecking the cookie- or our afternoon.

The Big Chill

Given that we were soon moving to a new neighbourhood, I caved to temptation and we stopped at The Big Chill ice cream parlour on our way back. Plus, who doesn’t love eating ice cream on a nice warm day? And fancy ice cream at that: brownie toffee crunch in a freshly made waffle cone. That’s right, freshly made TO ORDER. It was still a tiny bit warm, but not enough to melt my ice cream (that would have been a disaster).


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