Linzer Cookies

09 May

What to do when your wine jelly has failed, at least as a possible gift to give to someone? Find a way to bake with it! Enter the linzer cookies from Joy of Baking. I had originally shelved this idea given I (still) lack a food processor. But then one day what did I behold at No Frills, why ground almonds! Now I had no excuse not to make the cookies. The freestanding electric mixer is a god-send, I absolutely love it. Combine it with my new bigger kitchen and it is culinary heaven. Except that the cord is really short, so all that extra space I have thanks to the kitchen island, it is not applicable to the mixer. For that I have a small smidgen of counter space between the stove and the microwave but I’m not complaining.

Project 22- linzer cookies Joy Of Baking (7)

The dough has to be refrigerated, which is a good thing given that the wine jelly is still over at the old place and has not been transported to the new apartment- yet. I could not resist making the dough, I had some time to myself AND I was in major need of some cookie dough to munch on. This is easily the best cookie dough I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The ground almonds really add in that extra flavour that you just don’t get with artificial flavouring.

Project 22- linzer cookies Joy Of Baking (3)

It turns out that when they say to roll the dough out to a certain thickness, they mean business. The first batch I made turned out really thick, not exactly great for stacking as sandwiches. The second problem was that my failed wine jelly just leaked out the side creating a gooey sticky mess around the cookie. So much for using up the jelly for that. Batch two I rolled out a bit thinner, but apparently still not thin enough. Batch three was much better- but I forgot to adjust the baking time and they were a bit darker. Batch four: FINALLY! Success!!! They were perfect and the tart berry jam I used went well with them. The last bit of dough I had left over I just made little blobs that I glazed with the wine jelly before baking. Turns out that was an ingenious idea as those turned out possibly even more delicious? Soft almond cookies with a sweet wine glaze. This one just begs to be done over as a full batch.

Project 22- linzer cookies Joy Of Baking (10)

Project 22- linzer cookies Joy Of Baking (5)


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